Weird Intel-HDA!

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Intel, Linux

I am the kind of Linux user would try out the latest Linux kernel whenever there is a new release. So, with the new release of kernel 2.6.24, I download it and install into my laptop.

Everything seems to be working fine. Unfortunately, the onboard sound card went silence after the update.

Some background information before I continue:

  • Laptop: Dell Vostro 1400
  • Card: HDA Intel
  • Chip: SigmaTel STAC9228

In order to get it working, I need to install ALSA version 1.0.15 and add “model=5stack” into the sound card module options. This was done with considerablely many trial-and-error attempts in order to figure out the proper option for my box. This setup been working since kernel 2.6.21.x to 2.6.23.x, until now…

Below is a summary of what had happened:

  • First I try the driver comes with kernel 2.6.24 – This does not work.
  • I tried alsa-1.0.15, but it can’t be built – This does not work.
  • I must download the latest RC in order to get it build and installed into my system. But, still no sound. – This does not work either.
  • I remove the “model=5stack” option and run alsaconf to redetect my sound card again. This work! Finally!
  • But, the “Front” and “Surround” got swapped! I have to goto GNOME sound preference to change the default Mixer – to get sound buttons working again for my laptop.

Searching HDA Intel or Intel-HDA at Google, I notice many users also complaining about this card (for various other problem). I must say, of all my years of playing with Linux, I never had this kind of weird problem for a sound card.

  1. […] my Intel-HDA perfectly, there is no need to download and get the latest driver from ALSA (as I previously had). The bad news is, VMware does not work with this […]

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