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As I said earlier in my previous post, I have been using Droplie and Slackware RC for many days. Even thought the system seems to be running just fine, somehow at times, I notice something seems to fail. For example, some icons won’t get display, it shown as a broken image, even though I am sure the associating the icon image file is in the system. There is also some weird system hanged that I just can’t figure out why this would happen. I decided to do a build the entire Dropline from source, and link it against the RC correctly, instead of using the packages that was built for Slackware 12.

Building Dropline is fairly simple, since the build scripts for all its packages are available in /usr/src/dropline-build-system. However, I do notice, some packages won’t get build, some did not build with the same features as those distributed by Dropline. I suspect, this maybe due to the fact I am using RC – I am not surprise though, since none of the packages were tested and built against with RC in the first place.

Anyway, after I did it, the entire system does feel very stable, and fortunately those packages that failed to build seems to run fine by using the original packages.

The entire system now feels great (though I still have some broken image in the theme previewer, but I think is due to the theme itself), no more weird system freeze so far – I finished rebuilding the entire Dropline from source on 28th April, its been a few days since the last time the system had a sudden freeze.

One thing I do notice though, the fonts looks fantastic! I never have such a fine fonts for displaying Chinese characters in Linux. I suspect the new TTF fonts from RC is working marvelously well.

It begins as any normal days, but is now a fantastic day…