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Imagine a situation where your race was faced with a holocaust, and almost wiped out. Only a small cluster of survivors managed to escape, yet it is actively being pursued by its enemy. Imagine you as one of the survivors, constantly on the run, and searching for a safe place. Let’s put this into a bigger situation as the entire human race, add a bit of Sci-Fi elements, what we have here is the story of Battlestar Galactica (BSG)!

Yes, Battlestar Galactica finally showing in the local channel. I say finally, because, while BSG is in its 4th and (suppose to be final) season, it just started showing here. Though, I already bought the DVDs of Mini, Season 1 and Season 2 (Season 3 has been ordered, suppose to reach me soon), it is still fun watching it on the TV.

This re-imagined BSG is better than the old one – I know many die-hard fans of the old series would against what I said here, but really, I do find the new series better. I guess, I like the storyline better, more consistent and the situation more believable. Unlike other Sci-Fi shows, BSG lack the kind of “magic” solution that (usually occurred at the end of each episode) would give a quick fix to whatever problem it was facing. It is a Sci-Fi story which emphasis on drama and character development. This would mean, it is not episodic, and missing one episode may mean watching next episode be difficult to follow. However, I think, it seems to be trend now. Heroes also employ the same way of story telling. Though, I think, Heroes season 1 was quite intense (can’t say much on Season 2).

Anyway, I would place BSG and Babylon 5 as my favourite Sci-Fi TV series of all time. I can’t really decide which one is better.


With all the Window Vista problem that I have been reading, I start to have a very bad feeling about supporting Window Vista in the office. My bad feeling was confirmed after I had already one experience with it, and it is really bad. I could summaries the experience was just slow, slow and slow – it makes a Core2 Duo CPU runs likes a i486 (at least that is how I felt). Though, a friend did come by and help me disabled a number of unnecessary components and applications, it seems to run better and more responsive after that. But, the thought of doing all these steps every time we get a new system is making me puke.

The worst part is the printer driver, I just can’t get it working with the office HP printer – even installed the latest driver from HP, it just won’t work.

That is it, I am sick of all these problems. As the tech guy that does support in the office, I dreaded the idea of supporting anymore Vista…

I did think about convincing my sales and marketing co-workers to try out Linux, but after some thoughts, I think that may not be suitable. I can always sense a strong resistant from some user to switch to Linux, even when I casually made some hinting of such possibility.

Out of the blue, I thought, it would be much easier for me to convince them to try out MacBook than to try out Linux. The MacBook price is in a reasonable range, and it does has a good reputation of user friendliness; Sure enough, they willing to give it a try, easily convinced. Now, one of my co-worker is happily playing with it. The best of part it, he is able to download and install the HP printer, and successfully get the office printer working, all by himself.

Honestly, MacBook does look great, maybe I will get one and try it out for myself…

VMware 1.0.6 has been released (a few days ago). I had downloaded and installed in 2 systems, so far it seems working well, and it no longer need any additional patching in order to build with Linux kernel 2.6.25.x

However, it still using a deprecated or unused module API.

VMware: VMware Server