Going Ubuntu

Posted: September 23, 2008 in BlogBlurb, Linux

It has been about 3 weeks since I moved to Ubuntu. So far, I can only say, I am very impressed by it.

I never expected Linux can be so simple to install and configure. From a strict Slackware tradition (where we tend to do everything by manually), such automation does make me felt spoils by the system.

  1. R. Daneel Olivaw says:

    Hey, it did that to me also …
    Slackware was so … clear to understand, I guess it served my understanding of unix/linux in an awesome way.
    However, as we all evolve, I got the need to have a ‘stable’ environment, that needs no tuning … and Ubuntu is, at last (!), something stable to live with. I even tried eeeUbuntu on eeePC and do not regret the move.
    An finally, if the PC you have has no fast cpu and not enough ram, give XUbuntu a try !

    Those were the days, I was using slackware, back then things were so different … 😉

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