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A few weeks ago, I had a chance to let a few (real life) friends aware about my this little blog. Somehow in the conversations, the topic about blog just sort of came out, and I mentioned about mine.

Interestingly, their feedback about my blog is, well, too technical, too serious and too boring. It occurred to me how different it is between mine and theirs. While I try to remain anonymous most of the time, theirs would be more about their lives (like a diary) or something personal (like a hobby) for everyone to view.

This strikes me as something been bothering me for quite sometime…

When I started exploring the Internet or an networked environment, the culture that I had embraced, explicitly require us to maintain anonymity. I get advices from friends on how to cover our track and never let other know who we are, and the best hacker would be one who we never know existed. It was quite fun, nothing illegal was done, just playing around the school’s systems. For me, I merely explore more into how UNIX work, and got my hand dirty into Linux (when most of my peers are crazy about other OS). So, when Internet becomes more wide spread, this culture that I had embraced still being kept like a personal tradition.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so serious of my blog, I should start a new content for more fun topic.


VMware was great, I find it very useful and it had improved my work efficiency. However, its support of Linux is really lagging.

I think, it is now time for me to look at VirtualBox.