Sunset at Keppel Bay

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Hobby


Yesterday was a great day for photo-shoot. I decided to go Keppel Bay for taking photo of sunset (a friend told me the view is quite nice).


Above is my favorite. A boat passed by while the sun was setting.

Below is another one…


I took quite a number of pictures that I really like, Sony DSLR A350 is really a great camera for newbie like me.

However, I was asked to stop photographing by the security guard. Apparently, the bay is open for public, but it is a private/commercial property. So, no photographing is allow (by the facility owner, unless granted permission, which I did not apply).

However, as I was leaving, I saw the notice of “Rules & Regulations”: Keppel Bay Rules & Regulations. It only stated not allowing commercial photographing, I doubt that would apply to me. I think the security guard overreacted.

Though disappointed, I managed to get what I came here for.

I was told by a friend to visit Labrador Park to take sunset picture. It is a public park, so admission is free. Maybe would visit the park, next time I want to take sunset photos.

  1. Tor-Ivar says:

    Great pictures 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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