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Nokia VS Apple

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Apple, BlogBlurb, Nokia

From: Nokia broadens patent claims against Apple

Nokia is broadening its legal fight with Apple , saying almost all of the company’s products violate its patents, not just the iPhone.

Somehow, I feel, Nokia is in a desperate situation. Suing/throwing whatever they can find to stop the rise of Apple into the smart phone market. So basically, this is a case of, if you can’t win them by making better smart phone, sue them for stupid patent violation.


The Coming of Firefox Mobile

Posted: December 18, 2009 in BlogBlurb
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From the source:

Mozilla: Firefox Mobile will kill off app stores

Mozilla claims that its new Firefox Mobile browser could be the beginning of the end for the hugely popular app stores created by Apple and its ilk.

Mozilla is releasing the first version of Firefox Mobile (codenamed Fennec) on Nokia’s N900 handset, with versions for Windows Mobile and Android set to arrive next year.

An exaggeration of claim does not imply it would be true. Though, to simplify the development of mobile application and to make it platform/device independent is not a bad idea.

Hmm… I thought Opera has done a pretty good job on Javascript support.