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Imagine a situation where your race was faced with a holocaust, and almost wiped out. Only a small cluster of survivors managed to escape, yet it is actively being pursued by its enemy. Imagine you as one of the survivors, constantly on the run, and searching for a safe place. Let’s put this into a bigger situation as the entire human race, add a bit of Sci-Fi elements, what we have here is the story of Battlestar Galactica (BSG)!

Yes, Battlestar Galactica finally showing in the local channel. I say finally, because, while BSG is in its 4th and (suppose to be final) season, it just started showing here. Though, I already bought the DVDs of Mini, Season 1 and Season 2 (Season 3 has been ordered, suppose to reach me soon), it is still fun watching it on the TV.

This re-imagined BSG is better than the old one – I know many die-hard fans of the old series would against what I said here, but really, I do find the new series better. I guess, I like the storyline better, more consistent and the situation more believable. Unlike other Sci-Fi shows, BSG lack the kind of “magic” solution that (usually occurred at the end of each episode) would give a quick fix to whatever problem it was facing. It is a Sci-Fi story which emphasis on drama and character development. This would mean, it is not episodic, and missing one episode may mean watching next episode be difficult to follow. However, I think, it seems to be trend now. Heroes also employ the same way of story telling. Though, I think, Heroes season 1 was quite intense (can’t say much on Season 2).

Anyway, I would place BSG and Babylon 5 as my favourite Sci-Fi TV series of all time. I can’t really decide which one is better.