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Bug in Evolution RSS Plugin

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Linux

I have been using Evolution as my default mail application since I started using GNOME as my desktop environment. So far, I have not yet encountered strange behaviour until recently. The problem is, I can’t send inline image with my Evolution. I can insert the picture, it would display while I typing my email, but once I click “Send”, it would disappear.

This problem has been bugging me for quite sometime. I did want to try file a bug report to Fedora Core developers, but after a few Google search, it seems no one is facing a similar problem like me. This let me to rethink about the problem I had. Since I did a full installation by running yum install evolution-*, this mean, I would have install a lot more from the standard installation. I decided to check through the plugins that I had installed and one-by-one disable them to check for any effect. I finally find out which plugin is causing the problem.

The problem would happen whenever Evolution RSS plugin is enable.

Did a few Google search, I finally found others share the same problem as I am:


It seems this problem was not fixed in Fedora 15.